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domain registration

Double authentication domain registration, complete domain types

Web hosting

Provide a faster, stable, and secure home for your website

Business email

Enterprise applications, faster, smoother sending and receiving, and more stable services

VPS server / server rental

The common choice of users, powerful control panel, performance such as independent host, easy to use for virtual host.

High quality website design and development

Website Construction Brand Enterprise Website WEB Software Development B2B / B2C Online Mall FLASH Animation Website

Mobile station building (solving mobile terminal needs)

With the upgrading of mobile terminals and mobile network environments (4G WIFI, etc.), use mobile phones to view web pages


WeChat is a way of life. The public platforms are divided into:
Service number, subscription number

Search engine promotion

Baidu promotion, Google, Yahoo promotion Yandex, Bing promotion Arab and other B2B promotion

Soft text promotion

Accurately grasp the crawling rules of search engine news sources to bring you online marketing results!

400 Phone

For multi-industry pre-sales and after-sales service consulting.

Software development

Systems engineering for requirements analysis, design, implementation and testing.

Business SMS

Promote the effect with the advantages of quickness, convenience and low price.

system integration

Provide professional automation solutions and operation and maintenance services.

  • Cool Chi Kitchen (China) Co., Ltd.
    Cool Chi Kitchen (China) Co., Ltd.
  • Quanzhou Shangxiang Culture and Art Co., Ltd.
    Quanzhou Shangxiang Culture and Art Co., Ltd.
  • Huayang International Group
    Huayang International Group
  • Weinard Wine
    Weinard Wine
  • Huajun Guanhong Automobile
    Huajun Guanhong Automobile
  • Cloud Strategy Consulting
    Cloud Strategy Consulting
  • Kelly Electronics
    Kelly Electronics
  • Quanzhou Jiahua Lexus Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd.
    Quanzhou Jiahua Lexus Auto Sales Service ..
  • Fujian Huajie Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
    Fujian Huajie Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

  • 谷歌google
  • 百度(baidu)
  • 新网互联
  • 北京新网
  • 35互联-企业邮箱
  • 中国电信——上海电信
  • 中国网通——北京网通
  • 微信平台
  • 厦门卓众天成
  • 劲翔商标

With a dream in mind, I embarked on the path of pursuing my dream. Quanzhou Bluestar Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established, and since its establishment, it has set high-tech, high-starting points as corporate positioning targets.